CT Adams • Comedian

“Smart Comedy for Stupid Times. Book me now, we’ll laugh about it later.”

"I'll tell the jokes."

“Tragedy plus Time equals Comedy. Spend and hour with me and you’ll know for sure.”

Wren Theater


Fudge Factor


Comedy Chateau


“CT Adams stories about life will grab you by the funny bone."

~ Semi-Famous Critic

CT Adams has performed at many venues including Flappers, The Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, The Rec Room OC and The Wren Theatre in Hollywood. 

He lives with his wife in Los Angeles, CA.



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Currently performing around Los Angeles.

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Midnight Movie Night Podcast - Kevin Hesinger and guests discuss the most enjoyably bad movies of all time.

Star Wars Holiday Special

Leprechaun 4: In Space


On Deadly Ground

American Werewolf in Paris

Jaws 4

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Porn Mom Podcast

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